photographer, adventurer, lover of documenting love stories. i want nothing more than to showcase the bond between two people with the photos i take. every single love story is different, and i want to showcase your kind of love with my kind of photos.

hi there, i’m nikki. i’m the creator, photographer, and owner of copper photo co. i thrive on adventure + a sense of wonder. i love to be in the moment while capturing life as it’s unfolding, and i strive to document your life, your love, with that same spirit. above all, i truly believe every wedding + couple i photograph is different, and that should be apparent in the photos. i want you to be able to be yourselves + to come alive in my photos. whether you’re getting married in a ballroom or a warehouse, i want your day + your photos to feel like you.

while i’m based out of cleveland, ohio – i’ve been lucky enough to cultivate relationships with couples near and far; traveling is something i have a true passion for. regardless of your location, i want to show the connection you have not only with each other, but with your location as well.

i could sit here and talk about how i’m “award winning” and all the useless things that may make me sound fancy, but let’s be honest: i don’t care. i care about you, your story, and if you feel a connection to myself + my work. i care about your wedding day and everything about the two of you that makes you a couple, + draws you to each other.

in short: i dig neat weddings + awesome couples. i love tacos and awkwardly dancing at receptions while i take photos you’ll love for years to come. hit me up on my contact page to learn more about me, and so i can learn more about you!

i want your day and your photos to feel like YOU.