hi there, i’m nikki. i’m the creator, photographer, and owner of copper photo co. i thrive on adventure + a sense of wonder. i love to be in the moment while capturing life as it’s unfolding, and i strive to document your life, your love, with that same spirit. above all, i truly believe every wedding + couple i photograph is different, and that should be apparent in the photos. i want you to be able to be yourselves + to come alive in each image. whether you’re getting married in a ballroom or a warehouse, i want your day + your photos to feel like you.

while i have two "base" locations (cleveland, ohio and southern california) – i’ve been lucky enough to cultivate relationships with couples near and far; traveling is something i have a true passion for. regardless of your location, i want to show the connection you have not only with each other, but with your location as well.

i could sit here and talk about how i’m “award winning” and all the useless things that may make me sound fancy, but let’s be honest: i don’t care. i care about you, your story, and if you feel a connection to myself + my work. i care about your wedding day and everything about the two of you that makes you a couple, + draws you to each other.

in short: i dig neat weddings + awesome couples. i love tacos and awkwardly dancing at receptions while i take photos you’ll love for years to come. hit me up on my contact page to learn more about me, and so i can learn more about you!


being fortunate enough to travel for love stories is something i will never take for granted. i am honored to be able to tell your story somewhere that has meaning to you.



"Wow, where to begin. Copper Photo Co. is everything a good photographer should be! Personable, genuine, passionate about their work and honest! We had the benefit of seeing them in full action at my brothers wedding and knew immediately we wanted them to capture our wedding memories. We are in love with every single one of our photos and couldn’t be happier with our photographers!"



Nikki and Jim were an absolute delight to work with. From our initial contact all the way to receiving our photos (in just a few short weeks nonetheless), they were wonderful. With all of the stress that comes with planning a wedding, having a top notch, professional vendor that I knew I could count on put my mind at ease. My husband and I got married in Charleston, SC and even though they needed to travel to shoot our wedding, the ease of everything was so impressive. On the day of our wedding our weather was horrible (we made it work) but Nikki and Jim had to work on the fly to make what lighting we had work. All in all our pictures are beautiful and my husband I feel honored to have had them capture our special day



Nikki is the best hands down! Nikki went out of her way constantly to give us the best possible service. The pictures she took and the way she controlled the situation to make us comfortable was beyond fantastic. Nikki can take any space and make it beautiful and focus on those details that really matter. When you get the photos they tell the story through details and color without slapping some silly filter on it. Nikki truly has a unique eye and we will recommend her to anyone!



Nikki is amazing! My husband and I had both her and her husband Jim shoot both our engagement photos and our wedding day. I was so nervous for our engagement photos but they made us feel so comfortable and we had such a fantastic time. And the photos were absolutely amazing! On the wedding day, they continued to be amazing, wrangling our massive families easily for family photos, taking amazing candids, and rolling with the weather wonderfully. We had a bit a rain but they were able to quickly find a covered area and they constantly checked the radar so they knew exactly when the rain would stop. Nikki was also very responsive, even during the peak wedding season (while she had a newborn!) But the number one reason why I loved having Nikki and Jim around - they really cared about us! I (the bride) got sick in between the ceremony and reception and while I was laying down they brought me drinks to calm my stomach! They went the extra mile to ensure our day was as perfect as can be and I can't thank them enough.