Lauren + Aaron | A Wedding at Peacock Ridge in North Lawrence, Ohio

Lauren + Aaron. Wow. Finding accurate words to describe these two and how incredible they are is nearly impossible. From the very first meeting with these two where we discussed wedding details, their love story, and our love of animals, it was very clear this would be one of my most favorite weddings of all time. And let me tell you, the day these two created surpassed even my wildest dreams. Ceremony and reception were held at Peacock Ridge and it made the most beautiful setting for some of my favorite wedding photos. Complimented, of course, by the most stunning florals created by Life in Bloom.

Now, some couples have things you remember about them right away. Sometimes it’s a physical thing, maybe they wear glasses, or had on a hat; but sometimes it’s more than that, and it’s a feeling. These two just exude the overwhelming feelings of love and happiness. Seriously. It makes me feel so incredibly honored that we were able to photograph their day not only because it was stunning (I mean, helllllo!!), but because it felt like love was quite literally swirling in the air around them from start to finish.

Another key about their day: the weather predicted around a 70% chance of rain the entire day. This made for the neatest range of skies during one wedding day as it was bright and blue, moving to dark and stormy as the day progressed. It did rain, as soon as the reception started, in a monsoon fashion for about 15 minutes and then cleared up to one of the most incredible sunsets.

I should also point out some other things that were surrounding them at this Peacock Ridge wedding: animals. If anyone reading this blog knows me, you know I have quite the love for most any animal I find. Naturally, this day made my heart skip a beat with happiness when I got to meet a few of the resident animals. Otis the cat, Francine the pig (yes, really – she just wanders around the property), some peacocks, some swans, donkeys, etc. If you’re a lover of nature, animals, and the most quaint setting for your wedding, this is the place for you. Pulling up to this site while knowing Lauren’s vision could not have been more perfect.

Alright, enough of me telling you about the animals, how insanely great Lauren and Aaron are as humans, or how much a person can obsess over one wedding day and here is their day, via photos.



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