Katie + Joe | A Wedding at the Sheraton Cuyahoga Falls

In this line of work, I’ve obviously had the privilege of meeting some incredible people. Katie and Joe? They are no exception. In fact, since the moment I first sat down with Katie, I was overcome with a very strong “where has this girl been all my life” feeling. One could only imagine Joe felt the same thing, hence him tying this girl down forever! 😉

But honestly, these two and their day, it was amazing. Every aspect was calm, fun, and so full of love and happiness. I think the entire day was just, a blur of awesome. In the best way. From the casual mornings for both of them and their bridal party, to the ceremony, photos, and some illegal climbing of fences (not sorry!), and then the party of a reception, the day could not have been more wonderful.

So, let’s get into the story of their day, via photos, shall we? Seriously, these Cuyahoga Falls wedding photos are by far some of my favorite, ever.

cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-1 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-2 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-3 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-4 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-5 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-6 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-7 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-8 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-9 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-10 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-11 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-12 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-13 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-14 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-15 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-16 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-17 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-18 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-19 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-20 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-21 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-22 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-23 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-24 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-25 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-26 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-27 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-28 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-29 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-30 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-31 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-32 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-33 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-34 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-35 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-36 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-37 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-38 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-39 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-40 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-41 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-42 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-43 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-44 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-45 cuyahoga-falls-wedding-photos-46

Photography: Nine Zero Three Photography
Videography: Just Hitched Wedding Films
Florals: Countryside Florist
DJ: Pete Troy with Troy Entertainment
Reception Venue: Sheraton Cuyahoga Falls
Hair + Makeup: Reflections Salon + Spa



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