i like to work with my couples to make sure that together, we are creating an experience that encompasses everything that you could possibly want to get from your photography session, wedding, or adventure/elopement. every situation is unique + i want to be there to document each and every authentic moment.

most of my couples are pretty laid back and are ready for an adventure. whether it's trekking through the woods to a natural, beautiful location, or it's climbing into a doorway in an urban area to create a kickass piece of art, trust is our most important ally and i believe there needs to be a great relationship between both my clients and myself.




let's hike your favorite trail. let's splash around in lake erie. let's grab a beer at your most loved brewery. this option is for showcasing your relationship. your life deserves to be documented!

starting at $500


you found the love of your life + you're getting married! high-five! all collections include 8 hours of coverage + all the beautiful memories in a printable, sharable online gallery!

starting at $3250


for the adventurous at heart. you love each other, but you don't love the 'traditional' wedding day schtick. i feel you, it's not for everyone. all options include domestic travel (yes, really!)

starting at $2750


we want to elope, but we just can't settle on the details

perfect. i'll help. let's brainstorm together and come up with a solution that fits your love, your life, and your 'forever' together!

we're ride or die clevelanders and want to show off our favorite spots in our photos, you game?

oh hell yes. cleveland has been my home for my entire life (minus one year!) and it's the absolute greatest city. let's go frolicking around it together and show each other some of our favorite hang outs!

your adventure/elopement collections really cover travel?

they do. really. collections have a wide range of hours for coverage because they're all so different but they include travel for me to get there. let's get this trip on the books and go!

do you offer just an engagement session? we like to "try it before we buy it!"

i sure do! engagement sessions are a flat rate of $750. full disclosure - as you can see above they're a little discounted in a full collection, but should you end up 'upgrading' to a full collection, you'll get money towards that!